An interesting, unique approach to self expression.

Black & black, floaty & oversized

Shadows, dreamy & luxe

Which artists are influencing & inspiring you right now?
Ronnie Cay, Sally Bourke & Cherry Hood

What’s the most exciting thing happening now in the world of music?
By far the experimental work created by musicians / artists & the combination of visual art with sound in installations. Like Yuri Suzuki.
Amy Shark - Adore
Methyl Ethel - Twilight Driving
Veruca Salt - Awesome



What were your inspirations for the sass & bide Style Week windows?
As always the material itself has always held my visual interest. The material first as a decoration on the tree in the 70’s as a child, what then reinvented in an amazing installation by Tara Donovan a Brooklyn based artist. It’s timing more than anything, with Moon Shadow and the theme of fashion and music collide, my silver light absorbing Mylar had found its stage.

What’s your creative process for creating a window concept and installation?
The process is a round the clock type of gathering of ideas. Anywhere at any time, new materials catch my eye & the process starts,”what can I do with that?“ & “when will that come in handy?“.

You’re an artist as well as the national VM manager at sass & bide, tell us about your art, your inspirations and what inspires you?
I'm an art student really, I’m still learning portraiture watercolour painting. The face is challenging to paint. I love capturing a character on paper, even if the subject looks different to the finished painting, its like you’ve created someone totally new. Everything inspirers me, I do love old books & illustrations. The way things were made years ago & the time taken with things. Furniture, homes & decorative details in interiors.

Your style is an embodiment of all you create, how is this a reflection of you?
Oh! Ha! I guess there is a volume attached to my work, and myself.. Its loud!

Who inspires you?
People who work hard and dream big.

Tell me one thing we might not know about you?
I have over 60 dining chairs in my house, I seem to be collecting them!

Why do you love sass & bide?
The brand has a feeling of freedom & expression, love & light. I have always admired the soul of the brand, you know when you walk in to the store. That it has a special feeling. Its the creative collaboration of passionate designers that has come together for the customer.


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DESTINATION: Barcelona PIECE IN YOUR WARDROBE: Black dress ARTIST: Yayoi Kusama 70'S ICONS: Song - Stairway To Heaben by Led Zeppelin, Person - Debbie Harry DESIGN: Bloomingdale’s Book of Home Decorating 1973