What is style?

Style is having the confidence to wear whatever you like, however you like, be it back to front, inside out or clashing it up and not worrying what others will think!!

How would you describe your style?

My Style really is a creative expression of my daily mood, which is always evolving, never stagnating. I love experimenting with different looks & having fun with fashion... believing there are no styling rules just create it & wear it!!

What are the most exciting things happening now in the world of style?

- Floral Bombers / Sequin bombers any bombers!!
- Neck Detail: Chokers or necklets made from frayed denim with star embellishments
- GT Side Stripes on pants or denim skirts
- Denim or Taffeta Full Frilly Maxi Skirts with peekaboo leg flash!!


'Seize the Day' Asymmetric Skirt - Divine!

'Magic Maker' Oversized Blouse - A MUST HAVE.

'City of Angels' Flare Pants & matching 'Bad to the Bone' Silk Blouse
- Super cool.

'Rising Water' Ivory Silk Blouse - A lifesaver.

'Planted Thoughts' Flower Collar - To stand out from the crowd.

'Castle of Clouds' Print Scarf - For a versatile headscarf/hip scarf/neck scarf with quintessential sass & bide star features.

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Heidi Middleton above and beyond forever.

My ultimate stylish holiday destination is Paris... during Paris Fashion Week!! To take in all that is Parisian street style!!!

Richard Branson's Necker Island.

Sardine in Seminyak, Bali... French owned, charmingly elegant, yet relaxed garden setting with impeccable attention to detail.

Andy Warhol's Pop Art - bold, colourful, quirky, fun!

Polar opposites but adore both: Isabel Marant with her effortless boho-chic to Pip Edwards and her standout P.E Nation.