What is style?

Style is a reflection of ones individuality. It’s being totally effortless yet having thought.

Why does style matter?

It’s a form of expression. An artistic statement really!

How would you describe your style?

It’s sophisticated with hints of 70’s glam. Casual yet fierce!

How has your style changed?

It’s hard to say. I think growing into a woman your style can take many turns. I feel more comfortable now in showing my curves and feeling strong in simple cut pants and jackets. There’s a certain confidence that peeks in, and the more I get older the ‘less is more’ attitude comes in to everyday wear.



Who are a couple of women whose style you most admire?

I love Chloe Sevingy and her relaxed, elegant style. If I’m feeling like wearing more of a street style, I look to Rihanna for inspiration on a more laid-back look.

What’s the most exciting thing happening now in the world of culture?

I think the way we share fashion now. We are able see in an instant what the latest trends are through social media and I find that so exciting. To see what someone is wearing in Tokyo right this second on my Instagram is amazing.

why do you love sass & bide?

sass & bide knows how to make you feel effortlessly chic. It’s for every girl, dancing up a storm or just lounging by the ocean side. It’s a brand that brings the fun, the glitter but also the attitude.




A farm in France.

Suit jacket.

Golden Age Cinemas.

Crossaints in the park.

Brett Whitely Gallery.

Jean Paul Gaultier.