What does inspiring contemporary design mean to you?
It is the designers and artists of the now, inspiring us with their forms of creativity.

You are renovating your house, what do you enjoy most about the design process?
I am! Our structural plans have been submitted to council, so we are now in the process of planning each room in more detail with our architect. Planning a renovation for a historically listed house has always been a dream of mine, so I have been very hands on in the process. I have a passion for interior design (I am studying it at the moment), so my favourite part of the process is deciding on the interior details like the colour of marble, tiles, furniture, art etc. It has been a thrilling experience so far.

Which contemporary designers are influencing & inspiring you right now?
Lindsey Alderman (Light Designer), Pierre Paulin (Furniture Designer), Mattea Perrotta (Artist) and Hampton Architects (our amazing architect who are dealing with me on a day to day basis. Poor guy)


What do you love about MBFWA and how does it compare to international fashion weeks?
I love MBFWA because it showcases the extraordinary talent we have here. I also love it because it is one of the few events where the whole industry gets together.

What are you expecting from the sass & bide show & their return to the MBFWA schedule?
I am very excited for sass & bides return to the runway. I have worn sass & bide since my teenage years, so the brand is very close to my heart. I know they will put on an amazing show. I am actually not sure what to expect, but that is the fun part about it!

How do you plan your week and style for MBFWA?
I am actually not a planner. I gather all my favourite pieces from my favourite designers and throw together an outfit the morning of. If I plan an outfit, I swear it never works out. So, I just go with the flow!

What’s a typical week for you at fashion week, and how do you keep your energy up?
A typical week of fashion week consists of runway shows, presentations, meetings, a lot of caffeine, a few wines and grabbing whatever food I can on the run. It is go-go-go, but very fun! For energy I always have snacks in my bag, a coffee in my hand and a wine if night.

Brooke's Fashion Week Diary:
9AM - Heading in for the first show of the day (maybe second). Coffee in hand.
11AM - Running late from the 10 o-clock show!
2PM - Finishing up at an intimate lunch for a designer.
5PM - Posting images on social from the day whilst hanging at the bar on-site. Wine in hand.
9PM - Sitting down at a dinner event. My feet are enjoying the fact they get a rest.
1AM - Finally getting into bed. 6 more hours and I will be doing it all again.

Brooke will be posting via Instagram directly from the sass & bide runway Monday 15th May

Strawberry Letter Jean. Undone Hero Dress. Company You Keep Top. Daydreams Skirt. Deepest Oceans Coat.

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Tell us about your style
I always find this question a little difficult to answer because I always just wear something that makes me feel good at that point in time! I wear a lot of classic staples like turtlenecks, vintage denim, blouses and suiting, however I wear them back with pieces that may not have been intended.

Which three words best describe sass & bide Speakeasy?
Romantic. Theatrical. Structural.

Favourite speakeasy bar?
Palmer & Co.

Object: Niels Moller Rosewood Credenza. Building: Sydney Opera House. Place: Italy. Designer: Pierre Paulin (Furniture Designer).