Fleur Egan



Tell us about your style inspirations and what epitomises style to you?

My style inspirations come from travel and being European. I’m very influenced by the past I love the shapes of the 70's, the glamour of the 30's and the prints of the 60's. I dress for my mood so it can be very unpredictable. What epitomises style for me is confidence and elegance and nothing looking to contrived or thought out.

What feeling do you get when you see an object of style?

Like a light comes on inside me.

What words or advice would you give to women to create impeccable, individual style?

Just be yourself, don’t follow trends, know your body shape and most importantly be confident; its amazing how far that will carry you.

Style is like a rare jewel what’s your philosophy?

May your outfit be the woman you really are.

How do you style your own pieces? Can you ever wear too much?

There are certain shapes that I know work for me. I love flare pants, a jumpsuit, a mini dress, a puff sleeve top and these are definite reoccurring shapes in my wardrobe. I’m a huge fan of vintage but I like to mix this in with modern pieces to create a new contemporary look. You can definitely wear too much. Sometimes its best to just keep a statement to one area, whether its a print dress, bright shoe, an accessory and let that be the focus.


'Planted Thoughts' Flower Collar.

'Sail Away' Asymmetric Knit Top.

'Magical Mysteries' Cage Style Bra.

'Still Standing' Maxi Dress.

'Hands Meet' Chainmail Stitch Top.

'To Continue is Power' Loose Flare Top. 


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Bianca Jagger.


My wedding dress.


Beverly Hills Hotel.

Salvador Dali.

Sagrada Family - Barcelona.