To celebrate Art Month we recently caught up with artist we love, Leah Fraser to discuss her current exhibition Within You Without You at Arthouse Gallery, Rushcutters Bay to discuss art and style.

Leah Fraser creates lyrical paintings and ceramics that engage with history, magic and the unknown in their metaphorical visualisation of the 'waters of life.' For Fraser, humanity has an eternal bond with nature that crowns our most basic instincts, deeply etched in the symbologies of many cultures. Reacting to an age defined by industrialisation, digitisation and environmental plunder, the artist conjures religio-cultural worlds pivoted on a profound respect for nature, tacitly urging us to reconnect with our roots.


What’s your creative process for creating your artwork? 
I find my way into each painting in different ways… sometimes I start with a story that I like, or it might be that I have a character that I feel I want to explore, but the work often evolves beyond that core idea into something else. 

I paint mainly portraits and figures of imaginary characters immersed in nature. I also work in sculpture, as a way of extending the world of the paintings. I am inspired by people and our connection with nature and our spiritual selves. 



Tell us a little about your current exhibition at Arthouse Gallery?
This newest collection of work is loosely inspired my mythology: stories of creation, death and transformation. The way in which the mythology of certain cultures personifies nature. 

Do you have any favourite pieces from this exhibition & why?
I don’t like to pick favorites, they are like my children! But I do have different relationships with each piece, and there are some that feel like old friends, and some who I may have struggled with at times…. 

Which events and shows are you most excited about for Art Month?
The art at night walking tour is a really fun thing! It's a really great way to see all the amazing exhibitions that are on, and have a cheeky glass of wine on the way! I'm also really excited to see the Brett Whitely doco... 

What are the most exciting things happening in the art world today?
 I think that technology is terribly exciting... New ways of creating, but also new ways of being connected.... It's wonderful to have different avenues to present work and have a voice as a visual artist. 

Which artists are influencing & inspiring you right now?
I am completely obsessed with Botticelli - he has always been a big influence on my work but it's something I come back to again and again; I am also at the moment so into the work of (American artist) Allison Shulnick, she paints these amazing thick gooey paintings of centaur women and makes incredible animations! 



ICON: Luisa, Marchesa Casati Stampa di Soncino DESTINATION: Sicily PIECE IN YOUR WARDROBE: Valentino tango shoes SONG: Love Is Strange by Wings ARTIST/ARTWORK: Henri Rousseau, 'The Sleeping Gypsy' at MOMA NYC  

66 McLachlan Avenue, Rushcutters Bay NSW
With thanks to Leah Fraser and gallery director Ali Yeldham
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Art at Night | 8th March 2017
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Your style in three words?
Romantic, bohemian, organic 

Who are a couple of women whose style you most admire?
Georgia O’Keefe and Stevie Nicks 

Three songs & artists on your playlist?
The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala 
She's A Mystery To Me - Roy Orbison 
Hello My Baby - Ladysmith Black Mombazo 
Photographer: Nick Tsindos