Melissa Nixon



What is style?

Style is an individual choice unique to how a person wants to be presented and perceived. Style is eternal, not technical.

Why does style matter?

Style in many ways defines the self concept and character of the individual while giving a message to your audience. Style is fun. It's interesting and theatrically it's everything!

How would you describe your style?

My style is a representation of my different moods and who I want to be on that day. Of an evening, flattering and flirty. Day, effortless and eclectic.

How has your style changed?

I wouldn't say my style has changed much at all. Unusual considering my industry. However, my work has undoubtedly given me greater peripheral knowledge. I don't play it 'as safe' and love breaking the 'unwritten' rules a little more.

Who are a couple of women whose style you most admire?

Audrey Hepburn & Margaret Zhang.

What’s the most exciting thing happening now in the world of style?

Sequins are making a solid comeback.