Molly King



Tell us about your style inspirations and what epitomises style to you?

I find my style inspiration mostly in magazines and online publications. Runway looks are inspiring but I look to street style for my personal style. My style icons all carry a uniqueness about them and to be honest are all quite different. I gravitate to Bella Hadid's style for her youthful rebelliousness, I look to Pernielle Teisbaek for clever styling ways. I pay attention to detail & I like to mix textures when styling for myself & creating looks for shoots.

What does style mean to you?

Personality. Self- confidence. Experimentation.

What words or advice would you give to women on impeccable, individual style?

Know your aesthetic and upscale your best assets. Have an air and manner that matches your style. The best dressed women are self confident and natural without feeling the pressure or need to be too dressed up. Taking care of yourself as a whole is an important factor on impeccable style, and you could just be wearing basics.

How do you style your own style – can you ever wear too much?

Yes, I think there is such a thing as wearing too much. Don't clash prints or load up heavy on jewellery if it doesn't feel right. I like to layer fine jewellery with a choker, light layering is simple yet stylish. Have one element that's your key point. Lately I've been adding a wide waist belt or a bustier over the top of a blouse to upgrade a casual or evening outfit. Spice it up.

Style is like a rare jewel, what’s your style philosophy?

You're not born with style, you learn it. Find the beauty within the finer details. It's all about your own clever styling that adds a touch of element to 'you'.


'Silent Sun' Maxi Dress.

'Silver Screen' Fitted Bustier.

'Overblown Story' Straight Leg Jeans.

'The Early Bird' Embellished Mini Dress.

'Magical Mysteries' Cage Style Bra.


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Miroslava Duma.

Hmm.. Maybe next trip is Mexico or Croatia.

Wide studded waist belt. I love my Prada denim corset. My favourite piece is my oversized denim jacket I found in a vintage shop in Paris this year.

A deserted beach.

Kiki's Greek Restaurant, NYC, Siglo in Melbourne & Porch & Parlour is always a goodie in Bondi.

I really like Frederic Forest sketches, he's pure. Jordana Henry is another favourite at the moment.