In 1999 Heidi Middleton (Bide) and Sarah-Jane Clarke (Sass) created a raffia trimmed pair of jeans and launched an Australian fashion sensation… sass & bide style. From a small stall in Portobello Road, London, to a national network of stores, and fashion shows in London, sass & bide has become a leading Australian fashion brand with an international following…because of a highly creative style.

Sass & bide style is bold, individualistic and juxtaposes design inspirations, which mix, thrill and challenge… glamour with jeans, beads with tees, tribal motifs with euro-ruffles, fluid layered skirts over corsets. It contradicts, plays and liberates. It is bohemian and urban and natural and beautiful, feminine and street-slick – all at once.

At the centre of sass & bide style is the power and drama of being a woman in the modern era.
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A Time To Be - A/W 2005


Shining Independent - A/W 2006


Dark Love Of The Gulara - S/S 2008


The New Grace - S/S 2009


The Shine Collective - A/W 2009


Future Grand - S/S 2010 


Boogie & The History Maker - A/W 2011


Sing, Brother! - A/W 2012


Loveshady- S/S 2013


Greaty 180 - Resort 2013


Freetown - S/S 2014


Kicky Saints - Pre Fall 2014


Novateur - A/W 2014


The Greater Good - Resort 2014

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