There was something about the shadowy world of the prohibition era. It captivated and allured throughout the 20’s and 30’s... It’s where the original thinkers hid from view and took pleasure in celebrating all that they shouldn’t. It ushered in the Age of Jazz and bore witness to American women dancing to the jazz sounds of pre-famed Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Bojangles Robinson and Ethel Waters. With short skirts, bobbed hair and red lips women bared their arms and legs, and displayed an abandon never seen before… While jazz set the rhythm, booze was the subversive river fuelling the frantic energy of the decade. Prohibition didn’t stop the party; it just took it underground.


Weaved throughout our SPEAKEASY collection is an abounding colour palette of oxblood, navy and petal coupled with elegant slashes of turmeric and gold. Textures rise up. Gilded finishes glow. Silks, wools and velvets are feathered, layered and sensuously wrapped. And the free spirited are celebrated once again. 

An ode to another time, the Design Collective drew inspiration from the desire, the magnetism and the texture of the underground throughout the prohibition era. Charlottle Hicks explains,
Silhouettes are controlled with modern restraint in languid layers, fluted hems, godets and square cutting; while fluid satin-backed crepe and liquid silks contrast the sleek contours of leather and pleated cuffs. The luxury and leisure of Italian Alpaca and lamb yarns cocoon in this imagined world of the contemporary Speakeasy. 


At the heart of our contemporary SPEAKEASY spirit is a modern icon, The Lockheed Lounge, designed by Marc Newson. This incredible piece is hand-made in riveted steel and takes the curious shape of a chaise-lounge. Futuristic and yet evocative of the early 20th century, this masterpiece features right throughout our SPEAKEASY campaign shoot.

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