As part of our support of like-minded women in fashion, we’ve collaborated with a new Australian lifestyle brand, The Paradise Catcher on a limited-edition range of exclusive, hand-woven baskets just in time for Summer.




A lifestyle brand that celebrates the every day and chasing the dream of endless Summers and timeless style, The Paradise Catcher was founded by former Vogue staffer, Emily Armstrong. After a career in fashion magazines in both Sydney and London, Emily saw a gap in the market for a Summer-loving accessories brand; she realised her entrepreneurial dream, launching The Paradise Catcher earlier this year.

Hand woven in Morocco from the leaves of the date palm tree, The Paradise Catcher baskets are then painstakingly hand painted with custom motifs in a Sydney studio with great love and careful attention.

Each basket is unique so minor variations in weaving and finish are to be expected and it’s authenticity celebrated. Your hand-woven basket, if well cared for, should see you through several Summers. If the basket gets dirty, wash with soapy water (for no longer than five minutes), allow it to drain and then hang it up to dry in the sun. Remember to remove wet beach towels and bathers from your basket so it can dry thoroughly between each use to prevent mould and a change in shape. If the basket weaves ‘fray’, simply trim them with scissors.

The hand-painted artwork on the basket will naturally wear with time. You can preserve the life of the motif by being careful not to brush against rough surfaces, leaving space when loading into the car and taking care not to get too it too wet at the beach or by the pool. Though we believe a little wear and tear only adds to the charm…


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