Like Barnardos we believe that all children deserve to be safe and protected.

And loved.

We’ve been fond friends with Barnardos for over than 13 years. To help raise funds and awareness for all that they do to help vulnerable Australian children and families in need, every year our Design Collective creates a limited-edition tee.

For 2018, Kate Waterhouse and her girls join us to launch our new ‘Cherish’ design and for the first time ever a matching mini-me tee for kids.

100% of profits from the sale of our tees go directly to Barnardos Australia and the children and families they support.


Every day there are more than 167 substantiated reports of child abuse and neglect and over 730,000 Australian children are living in poverty. Alarmingly, child abuse and neglect have been on the rise over the last few years - which is why we need to support the work of Barnardos: a non-government, non-denominational charity that works with families and communities affected by violence, poverty, mental illness and homelessness to keep children safe at home.

They offer a wide range of services including family and domestic violence and mental health support, emergency accommodation, parent education, counselling, foster care, and adoption.

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