Cocktail Dresses

60 pieces
  1. Maxi Dress

  2. Maxi Dress

  3. Maxi Shirt Dress

  4. Asymmetric Midi Dress

  5. Mini Dress 

  6. Maxi Dress 

  7. Fitted Mini Dress 

    NZ$355 NZ$540
  8. Halter Neck Maxi Dress

    NZ$465 NZ$650
  9. High Neck Maxi Dress 

  10. Bodycon Knit Dress 

    NZ$275 NZ$385
  11. Neat Fit Mini Dress 

    NZ$540 NZ$650
  12. Midi Knit Dress 

    NZ$275 NZ$385
  13. Puff Sleeve Mini Dress 

    NZ$245 NZ$495
  14. Ribbed Knit Dress 

    NZ$355 NZ$495
  15. Slip Dress 

    NZ$355 NZ$495
  16. Midi Knit Dress 

    NZ$190 NZ$385
  17. Asymmetric Mini Dress

    NZ$465 NZ$650
  18. Slip Dress 

    NZ$385 NZ$650
  19. Maxi Dress 

    NZ$385 NZ$495
  20. Oversized Maxi Shirt Dress

    NZ$605 NZ$715
  21. Tulle Maxi Dress 

    NZ$760 NZ$1,090
  22. Mini Dress 

    NZ$650 NZ$980
  23. Midi Dress

    NZ$385 NZ$605
  24. Halter Neck Maxi Dress

    NZ$275 NZ$495
  25. Neat Fit Knit Dress 

    NZ$245 NZ$430
  26. Cowl Neck Mini Dress 

    NZ$355 NZ$650
  27. Midi Dress 

  28. Midi Dress 

    NZ$190 NZ$430
  29. Maxi Dress 

    NZ$320 NZ$605
  30. High Neck Dress 

    NZ$430 NZ$605
  31. One Shoulder Knit Dress 

    NZ$320 NZ$430
  32. Relaxed Knit Tank Dress

    NZ$300 NZ$430
  33. Maxi Dress

    NZ$320 NZ$605
  34. Relaxed Knit Tank Dress

    NZ$245 NZ$430
  35. Fit and Flare Mini Dress

    NZ$245 NZ$540
  36. Sleeveless Maxi Dress

    NZ$385 NZ$495

Cocktail Dresses

Update your after dark portfolio with our statement selection of cocktail dresses, designed in-house at sass & bide. Pick a classic black dress for effortless style, or choose embellished evening gowns for head-turning glamour. With something for every occasion and style, browse through our selection of designer cocktail dresses online and enjoy your new favourite sass & bide pieces delivered to your doorstep today.