Mini Dresses

32 pieces
  1. Slip Dress

  2. Rainbow Foiled Jacquard Dress

  3. Sequin Mini Dress

  4. Metallic Wrap Dress

  5. Taffeta Plaid Mini Dress

  6. Silk Viscose Smock Dress

  7. Metallic Brocade Mini Dress

  8. Graffiti Print Mini Dress

    NZ$430 NZ$605
  9. Gathered Stretch Silk Viscose Mini Dress

  10. Fitted Mini Dress 

    NZ$275 NZ$650
  11. Round Neck Mini Dress

  12. Mini Length Dress

    NZ$275 NZ$650
  13. Neat Fit Denim Dress 

    NZ$320 NZ$495
  14. Fitted Mini Ruched Dress 

    NZ$540 NZ$825
  15. Mini Shirt Dress 

    NZ$355 NZ$495
  16. Fitted Mini Dress

    NZ$385 NZ$650
  17. Relaxed Fit Shirt Dress

    NZ$275 NZ$495
  18. Sleeveless High Neck Dress 

    NZ$210 NZ$605
  19. Short Puff Sleeve With Frill Dress

    NZ$245 NZ$605
  20. Mini Dress 

    NZ$320 NZ$760
  21. High Neck Mini Dress

    NZ$320 NZ$715
  22. Neat Fit Denim Dress

    NZ$275 NZ$390
  23. Neat Fit Mini Dress

    NZ$320 NZ$760
  24. Neat Fit Mini Dress

    NZ$190 NZ$540
  25. Neat Fit Mini Dress

    NZ$430 NZ$715
  26. Long Sleeve Mini Dress

    NZ$275 NZ$650
  27. High Neck Shift Dress

    NZ$210 NZ$605
  28. Cowl Neck Mini Dress

    NZ$275 NZ$605
  29. Fitted Drape Mini Wrap Dress

    NZ$275 NZ$605
  30. Mini Dress with Bishop Sleeve

    NZ$245 NZ$650
  31. Graphic Printed Mini Dress

    NZ$245 NZ$650
  32. Paneled Halter Mini Dress

    NZ$165 NZ$605

Mini Dresses

Discover a party perfect edit of women’s mini dresses online at sass & bide. Designed in-house, you’ll find everything from classic little black dresses to pretty printed dresses and hand-embellished designs. Whether you’re after a cool and comfy mini dress for day or a designer mini dress for after dark, we have a stylish selection of dresses for you to choose from. Browse through our edit and enjoy your very own piece of sass & bide delivered to your doorstep today.