Shirts & Blouses

43 pieces
  1. Oversized Shirt

    NZ$245 NZ$385
  2. Full Sleeve Blouse With V Neckline

    NZ$275 NZ$385
  3. Relaxed Fit Sheer Blouse 

    NZ$275 NZ$385
  4. Voluminous Sleeve Blouse 

    NZ$300 NZ$430
  5. Tailored Shirt

    NZ$190 NZ$335
  6. Relaxed Fit Blouse 

    NZ$210 NZ$320
  7. Relaxed Fit Sheer Blouse 

    NZ$190 NZ$245
  8. Relaxed Fit Sheer Blouse 

    NZ$190 NZ$245
  9. Relaxed Collared Shirt 

    NZ$165 NZ$385
  10. Puff Sleeve Split Shirt

    NZ$210 NZ$385
  11. High Neck Blouse 

    NZ$210 NZ$430
  12. Metallic Jacquard Top

    NZ$135 NZ$385
  13. Collared Wrap Top

    NZ$125 NZ$320
  14. Printed Blouse

    NZ$165 NZ$430
  15. Fluted Sleeve Lace Top

    NZ$190 NZ$495
  16. Metallic Jacquard Blouse

    NZ$190 NZ$430

Shirts & Blouses

From flowy silk blouses to structured tailored shirts, each piece of the shirting collection from sass & bide has been designed in-house to give the perfect fit. Every wardrobe deserves a must-have shirt, and look no further for the perfect investment piece.