Eco Denim

Our core denim collection has been expertly considered and crafted by one of the world's leading denim mills, with a mindful, environmentally conscious, and eco-positive approach to ensure longevity for both the denim and the planet.


Eco Denim is constructed from a hybrid of cottons, including Organic, Fairtrade Certified and Recycled cottons making every pair of jeans responsibly constructed for comfort and durability. As an alternative to Virgin Cotton, Eco Cotton can be obtained from both pre-consumer and post-consumer textile waste, aiding in the diversion of many products from landfill.


The stringent production process for our Eco Denim uses energy saving methods and water-saving dyes that are kind to the environment and create an authentic character to the denim. The cotton used for our denim is grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilizers resulting in a purer fibre.


Our Denim has been assessed with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology throughout the whole material process from its raw origins to the finished garment. Using an eco-responsible production process and sustainable cotton for our core denim range, reduces their impact to the environment whilst retaining the quintessential sass & bide brand attitude you love.