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One of Perth’s most respected stylists working as a stylist for Claremont Quarter, race day judge, fashion show stylist, inspirational speaker and sass & bide style icon.

'My Style really is a creative expression of my daily mood which is always evolving, never stagnating. I love experimenting with different looks & having fun with fashion... believing there are no styling rules just create it & wear it!!'

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Renowned New Zealand fashion stylist, she showcases her style as not only a former Miss World New Zealand but also as a television presenter.

'I think having an understanding of what looks good on you is a great place to start, but having the courage to try new styles is also important in keeping your look fresh. Mix classic pieces with garments that express your individuality, that can be as bold as a feature jacket or as subtle as a scarf or necklace.'

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A fashion and celebrity stylist and presenter based in Sydney, Australia. Having studied and trained in London Fleur has worked with numerous international publications and celebrities including Grazia, Marie Claire and RUSSH magazines.

'My style inspirations come from travel and being European. I’m very influenced by the past I love the shapes of the seventies, the glamour of the thirties and the prints of the sixties. I dress for my mood so it can be very unpredictable. What epitomizes style for me is confidence and elegance and nothing looking to contrived or thought out. 

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An Australian fashion stylist and creative director. She currently runs her personal fashion blog and Instagram Foxy Zingaro, whilst specialising in fashion editorial and campaign productions for both National and International clients.

'I'm modern influenced, my personal style is clean with an edge. I'm still experimenting with my personal style, so although I roll between dressing for comfort and dressing for aesthetics, I tend to explore fashion freely. Whether it’s relaxed or fitted, I really need to feel comfortable to feel good. I'm pretty laid back at home. I find comfort in sports lifestyle wear.'

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A creative director, stylist and editorial producer from Melbourne, Australia. She is currently acting as a style mentor and lecturer to students at the Melbourne Fashion Institute.

'My style is a representation of my different moods and who I want to be on that day. Of an evening, flattering and flirty. Day, effortless and eclectic.'  

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