29 pieces
  1. High Waisted Pleated Trouser

  2. High Waisted Wide Leg Trouser

    NZ$245 NZ$385
  3. High Waisted Pants

    NZ$650 NZ$1,090
  4. High Waisted Pant

    NZ$275 NZ$495
  5. Mid-Rise Slouched Boyfriend Jean

    NZ$165 NZ$310
  6. Highwaisted Tapered Pant

  7. Tapered Leg Embroidered Trouser

    NZ$300 NZ$495
  8. High waisted neat fit pant

    NZ$300 NZ$430
  9. Extreme Highwaisted Wide Leg Pant

  10. Mid Waisted Relax Fit Pant

    NZ$210 NZ$320
  11. High Waisted Turn Up Hem Pants

    NZ$210 NZ$320
  12. Neat Fit Trousers

    NZ$275 NZ$385
  13. High Waisted Loose Fit Pants

    NZ$190 NZ$290
  14. High Waisted Trouser

    NZ$165 NZ$385
  15. High Waisted Tappered Pant

  16. Straight Leg Pant With Contrast Side Panels
    NZ$165 NZ$385
  17. High Waisted Neat Fit Trouser 

    NZ$575 NZ$1,210
  18. Straight Leg Trouser

    NZ$275 NZ$430
  19. Relaxed Fit Sweat Pants

    NZ$165 NZ$290
  20. Relaxed Fit Sweatpant

    NZ$155 NZ$320
  21. Relaxed Fit Jogger with Stud Detail

  22. Relaxed Fit Sweatpant

    NZ$155 NZ$290
  23. Drape Frill Trouser With Contrast Colour

    NZ$275 NZ$540
  24. Relaxed Fit Cashmere Jogger Pants

    NZ$300 NZ$495
  25. Relaxed Embelished Trouser

    NZ$275 NZ$605
  26. Relaxed Fit Cashmere Jogger Pants

    NZ$275 NZ$450
  27. Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant
    NZ$245 NZ$385
  28. Paper Bag Waist Pant

    NZ$165 NZ$385
  29. Relaxed Fit Pants

    NZ$190 NZ$385