Fall Spring 21 draws on the magnetism in
femininity, the science in seduction, and
the freedom in pure imagination. Tell us how
you relate to the vibe of this campaign, the
exploration of volume, colour and

This collection feels both powerful and bold. I like to dress
‘strong’: big-shouldered silhouettes and a power-trouser
are my kryptonite whilst also living for a feminine
moment through cinched waists and shirring that
draws in the eye to the hips (which carries an intrinsic
power in itself – women. are. strong.). Boldness injected
through jewel-blue and mustard fills me with a lot
of joy as well, which drew me into
this collection.”

Soft double-breasted tailoring of the Stronger
Than You Believe Jacket meets waisted
wide-leg pants in a play of proportions. Talk
us through these pieces, how you like to wear
them, for what occasion and need-to-know
styling hacks.

“The most important advice I am giving you is that there is
*no* specific occasion for these pieces.The mustard suit
would look as equally at home in the boardroom as it will at those
languid Sunday afternoon drinks you have planned. The only
change you make might be in footwear and perhaps the
addition of a glitzy eyelid. The beauty of
these pieces are their transitional nature, but of
course you may choose to elevate another look by
taking the blazer and pairing it with a mini-dress and Roman
sandals for a contemporary, strong look.”

Whether you’re lost in lockdown or lounging
away from the cold what are your
favourite 5-10 songs for igniting your
creative side?

“That is like asking me to choose a favourite handbag!
Impossible. However I will do you one better
and name my top artists:

James Blake
Willow Rhye
Donna Summer
Jhené Aiko

As a creative in fashion what is your process
from brief to final in creating unique
content every time?

“I don’t have a traditional process – importantly I do not
mood board or look at other content. Most of my
ideas come from listening to classical/romanticised
music and staring at the ocean or walking about
nature or cities and just looking at architecture
and the way people move. Ideas kind of just pop
into my head. Other times I may scout a gorgeous
location and then ‘feel’ the pieces I am shooting and
go with the flow. I like to keep things fluid
and never force an idea: the best work comes from letting
creativity flow through you and doing everything
with love.”

2 pieces
  1. High Rise Skinny Jean

  2. Classic Tailored Jacket with Lapel

    NZ$275 NZ$650