Tour Edit

Tell us about your upcoming music ventures?

“I will be releasing my next single "Sick & Selfish"
that I showcased at the sass & bide AAFW Runway show,
with more studio work on an album,
plus studying - so a busy end to the year!”

“I started playing in a band aged 16, and it hasn't stopped
from then on. All my friends are artist's or creative types,
and my whole world really revolves around fashion and music.
Last year in lockdown I was studying, but once venues
started to open again I had to immerse myself
back into the music world.”

What pieces from the Fall Spring 22
collection are you taking on tour?

“I love the No Rainchecks set paired with the
Private Jet Jacket and sunglasses; it's a total Blondie vibe.&rdquo

The Steal The Knight shirt speaks to my artistic roots.
Paired with signature Rats leggings, this outfit definitely feels
appropriate to be wearing while relaxing in the green room.”

“Inspiration used to come easy to me, but the older
I get it is a more difficult dragon to chase. Nowdays, it
comes from my relationships with friends and lovers.
I have big emotions (like most artists) and feel very deeply.”

Do you have any Pre
or Post- Show rituals?

“Pre-show rituals consist of me arriving way to early
for sound check. Prep involves me eating corn chips
in the green room while doing my vocal warm ups.
I always feel self conscious doing warm ups,
but never regret it once I'm on stage.”

11 pieces
  1. Mini Skort 

    NZ$210 NZ$385
  2. Cropped Waistcoat Vest

    NZ$210 NZ$430
  3. Maxi Dress

    NZ$320 NZ$605
  4. Denim Mini Dress

    NZ$165 NZ$430
  5. Denim Mini Skirt 

    NZ$135 NZ$320
  6. Cropped Denim Jacket

    NZ$190 NZ$430
  7. Classic Rat Legging

  8. Tailored Jacket 

  9. Tailored Trouser

  10. Relaxed Fit Hoodie

    NZ$190 NZ$320
  11. Relaxed Fit Jogger 

    NZ$125 NZ$320